MIT Externship Experience: Life at a Startup [VIDEO]

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Since 1997, the MIT Alumni Association’s Student/Alumni Externship Program has placed thousands of MIT students in short-term alumni-sponsored internships around the globe. In 2014, the program placed more than 400 students—including 45 graduate students—at 278 companies in 16 US states and seven countries. 

More than 200 MIT alumni sponsored externships, including Carson Darling ’11 and Thomas Lipoma ’11, co-founders of Rest Devices, a Boston startup that hosted MIT externs for the third consecutive year.

“Part of the reason we love the Externship Program is because it brings people that are the highest-caliber engineers that we can find,” says Darling. “It can be a really great program in terms of getting people that are committed to a team and really productive members. I can’t recommend the Externship Program enough.”

Rest Devices is one example of the hundreds of externships offered each year. For more information on the Student/Alumni Externship Program, visit

Part two of a three-part video series. Watch part one, Coding for Humanity.

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