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Art-of-Data2Are you looking to hear more about MIT? Try the Slice of MIT Podcast, which offers the unique sounds of Institute life—unique alumni, offbeat research, and stories that can only happen at MIT. Slice’s growing podcast library contains more than 30 episodes featuring interviews with nearly 50 MIT alumni and faculty, and new episodes are added monthly.

The episodes offer a unique breadth of MIT stories, including faculty research and interviews with alumni authors. Enjoy excerpts from our favorite episodes below then subscribe on iTunes or SoundCloud to automatically receive new ones. Thank you for listening!

What Makes Rock Band Rock?
Rock_Band_ThumbnailEran Egozy ’95 helped create Rock Band, a video game that turns gamers into rock stars and has sold more than 18 million units. He describes spending months in high school coding his Apple II computer to play back Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony. Listen to the full episode.

Gross Science
Mark Smith PhD ’14 co-founded a non-profit stool bank that supports microbiome research. Stool samples offer a look at the bacteria inside the gastrointestine and fecal transplants are being explored as treatments for disease and infection. Listen to the full episode.

Food for Thought
Food_Thought_ExcerptMIT has a long history with food research. One current project is the Open Agriculture Initiative, run by Caleb Harper MArch ’14, who is using alternative growing methods harnessed by open-source technology. Listen to the full episode.

Creamed Spinach and Community
Alumnae_ThumbnailWomen’s enrollment at MIT has grown grew from 1.3 percent of the student body in 1950, to 13.8 percent in 1975, and nearly 40 percent in 2014. What was it like to be a woman at MIT then and now? Alumnae share their memories of the Institute. Listen to the full episode.

The Art of Data
Art-of-Data2How do we make sense the never-ending wave of Big Data, and how can we use it to solve real-world problems? And should we trust online reviews? Slice of MIT visited the South by Southwest festival to tackle these questions. Listen to the full episode or read the transcript

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