What Were the Top Slice of MIT Stories in 2015?

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22-year-old milk, a hacked dollhouse, a fake snowstorm, a sleep hat, and really opinionated alumni. There are just a few of topics that we covered in in the past 12 months. Check out Slice of MIT‘s top 15 stories of 2015. For more MIT stories, listen to the Slice of MIT Podcast, launched earlier this year, which feature more than 30 episodes featuring nearly 60 MIT alumni.

Do you have a favorite MIT story from 2015? Let us know in the comments below or on Facebook or Twitter. Happy New Year!

  1. Who’s Most Successful among MIT Alumni? A controversial list from Business Insider led to spirited responses from more than 100 MIT alumni.
  2. Celebrating Super Pi MIT-Style: March 14, 2015, marked the celebration of Super Pi Day. Here’s how MIT celebrated.
  3. Can’t Sleep? There’s a Hat for That: After the daughter of Michael Larson PhD ’92 developed a sleep disorder, he became determined to find a solution.
  4. More Than 30 MIT Alumni Named to Forbes’ 30 Under 30 Lists: More than 30 MIT alumni were named to Forbes’ lists of young innovators.
  5. What’s the Science behind Climate Change? MIT Faculty Discuss their Research (Podcast): Hear MIT faculty members discuss coastal flooding, global warming, and economic policy.
  6. 2016 Rankings—MIT Sits at the Top: MIT has the best undergraduate engineering program, graduate engineering program, and was named best college in America.
  7. 3D Printing Meets Glass: The Mediated Matter group has created a 3D printer that can print glass.
  8. How Do You Introduce STEM to Girls? Hack a Dollhouse: When Alice Brooks ’10 was eight, she asked for a Barbie for Christmas. Santa brought a saw instead.
  9. Institute Announces Precautions for Today’s Snowstorm: A two-foot snowstorm hit Cambridge on April 1. Or did it?
  10. MIT Community: #ILookLikeanEngineer: Isis Wenger was told she didn’t look like an engineer. She wasn’t alone.
  11. Podcast—Explaining the Art of Data: Society has access to more data than ever before—how do we make sense of it all?
  12. When Cognitive Skills Peak–It’s Good News! Do cognitive skills always peak early and then decline? Not according to MIT and MGH.
  13. Dogs Don Wearable Tech: Davide Rossi MBA ’10 created FitBark, a wearable activity tracker for dogs.
  14. Student Asks—Tell Me About Your Day: How do you launch a cultural shift at an institution? Isabel Lloyd ’18 started with wristbands.
  15. Investigating the Milk, MIT’s Historic Dairy Product: MIT has a secretive resident in Random Hall: milk, which has migrated from floor to floor for decades.

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