Podcast: It Started at MIT—Alumni Couples Share Their Stories

by Jay London on February 12, 2016 · 1 comment

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Tim Chambers ’84 and Robin Barker-Chambers ’85

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Bill Andrews '04 and Liz Andrews '06

Slide background Megan Pasquina ’08 and Lincoln Pasquina '07

According to MIT records, there are more than 4,400 married MIT couples. And since MIT alumni are prone to mention that MIT was the one place where they felt surrounded by like-minded individuals, it’s no surprise that many alumni end up meeting their spouses at the Institute.

In this Slice of MIT podcast—and in the spirit of Valentine’s Day–MIT alumni who found love at the Institute share their stories. (Subscribe to the podcast on iTunes.)

You’ll hear a story about an East Campus romance between two next door neighbors, a story about first dates, and MIT’s unwritten November Rule. You’ll also hear how Match Day brought two medical students more than just residency placements. Plus, two MIT alumni talk about how even the best laid wedding plans can be stymied by the PhD thesis writing process. (Read the podcast transcript.)

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BONUS: Since there are so many great stories about MIT couples, here are two quick stories about even more love found at the Institute. 

Megan Pasquina ’08 shares a story about how she met her husband, Lincoln ’07…and a hysterical coughing fit.

Tim Chambers ’84 explains how he met his wife, Robin Barker-Chambers ’85, and how she stood him up on their first date.

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