Vote for the AASC: Elect the Alumni Who Select the Board of Directors

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MIT alumni can vote to select the AASC. Vote today!

The Alumni Association Selection Committee (AASC) is responsible for choosing the Alumni Association’s president select and all new term directors to the Association’s Board of Directors. In turn, the Association president and Board of Directors set the strategy for programs and services for the MIT alumni population.

Voting is now open for the election of three new seats to the AASC. All MIT alumni are eligible to vote. The AASC election process, which runs through February 29, helps ensure that MIT’s diverse alumni body is well represented.

The nine candidates, listed below, represent 12 different Course majors and hail from five US states, plus Canada and Trinidad and Tobago. Click on the candidate’s name to read candid responses about their MIT experiences and why they volunteer. Then jump to their full profile page and vote in the election.


What inspires you to volunteer for MIT?

“MIT holds such a great place in my heart. I had the opportunity to study there almost six years, and being paid to do so all the way—through research funding—is incredible. I felt I had to give back.”

What’s the best part of being an MIT alumnus?

“It’s too difficult to narrow down to one part. But belonging to the same club as Tim the Beaver is definitely up there on the list!” Read Diana’s full profile.AASC_2

What is your favorite memory from your time as an MIT student?

“I really enjoyed the IAP period. I got to know people I had not met before in a positive and relaxed environment.  I opted to do activities I never thought I would do, such as learn to fix cars, radios, and televisions, as well as do pistol shooting, participate in a wine tasting course and other assorted activities.”

What is the best part about being an MIT alumnus?

“MIT is part of my fabric of my life over last several decades.  Not only is it a place to invest my money, but it is also more importantly a place to invest my time, my spirit and place my hopes for the future.” Read Kevin’s full profile.


Why did you decide to run for the AASC?

“I decided to run for the AASC because I signify an underrepresented region of the country and demographic of the MIT Alumni Association. I am a young(ish) professional in a male-dominated field, new mom, and fun-loving alumna in the Midwest. And I happen to possess desired skillsets in strategic systems thinking and organizational sustainability that inspire me to build a healthier, more inclusive MIT alumni community.”

What is one of your favorite memories from your time as an MIT student?

“One of my favorite memories while at MIT was the day after the Boston Red Sox won the 2004 World Series. I showed up to my economics class unprepared for a test. (I was up late watching the game).  The professor was in a rare good mood (he was watching the game, too) and postponed the exam. Instead, he led a clever and fun lecture that related Red Sox baseball to microeconomics.” Read Meghan’s full profile.


Why is the AASC important—and why should alumni vote in the election?

“Developing leaders on an ongoing basis makes MIT and the Alumni Association strong.  The AASC’s leadership selection role addresses alumni experiences, capabilities, diversity, and other factors that enable the alumni association to meet its objectives.  Voting in this election both reinforces those objectives and contributes towards further leadership strength.”

What’s the best part of being an MIT alumnus?

“Access to MIT! Regardless of field of interest, there is something to be gained from MIT, and the connections are truly global. I felt particularly connected to MIT when I lived in Tokyo – both because of the active alumni club and frequent visitors from Cambridge. Alumni can also play an important role in the MIT Public Service Center’s Ideas Competition.” Read Scott’s full profile.


What is one of your favorite memories from your time as an MIT student?

“Studying late at night in one of the libraries was a given at MIT. But the best reward, aside from learning all that great stuff, was leaving the library in the middle of the night to walk alone through an empty Infinite Corridor. I can still feel the echos in my whole body.”

Tell us about why you’re passionate about one of your volunteer roles, past or current. 

“I’ve been an EC for more than 20 years. Hearing the stories of the high school applicants, and their enthusiasm for the future, reminds me of myself many years ago. But evolution must have kicked into overdrive, because they have way more brains!” Read Alex’s full profile.


What’s your all-time favorite place on MIT campus?

“One of the many great spots I enjoyed as an undergraduate is the President’s Garden tucked between Bldg. 10 and Bldg. 11. Amidst the hustle of life at MIT, it is a great place to recharge and do some reading in between classes.”

What’s the best part of being a volunteer and a leader for MIT?

“Continuing the learning, striving, and inspiration that is characteristic of MIT. It’s a way to give back while also getting the benefit of staying connected with the challenges, smarts, and amazing work that is MIT.” Read Ira’s full profile.


Why is the AASC important—and why should alumni vote in the election?

“People throughout history have fought for the right to vote, a say in the activities of societies to which they belong. The AASC is an important channel to enable alums to have a voice in Institute affairs, bringing their different experiences to the conversation. The AASC has a responsibility to choose people of varying backgrounds who have contributed to MIT in the past and will help shape it in the future.”

What’s your all-time favorite place on MIT campus?

“The Chapel. The peacefulness of the sun’s reflection off the water inside the Chapel provides a marvelous backdrop for contemplating profound questions or celebrating a wedding.” Read Greg’s full profile. Read Greg’s full profile.


What is one of your favorite memories from your time as an MIT student?

“Participating in the 2.70 contest. Partly it was the enjoyment of spending long hours coming up with ideas and then building and testing them. And partly it was the excitement of the competition night. Even though I went out early, watching everyone else compete and ultimately having a fraternity brother win was exhilarating.”

What’s the best part of being an MIT alumnus?

“Knowing that I have a solid background in basic principles that I can always apply when facing new challenges. And that pulling all-nighters for work or play is a piece of cake compared to having three problem sets due the next day.” Read Jeff’s full profile.


What inspires you to volunteer for MIT?

“I and many others came to MIT thanks to the kindness and volunteerism of the MIT students and alumni before me. I volunteer as a way to give back and to help MIT recruit and keep great students.”

What’s the best part of being an MIT alumna?

“Being connected to amazing alumni! When I traveled to France for an internship, I reached out to alumni in the area for boarding options. I ended up staying with an alum’s family until I got my own apartment.” Read Michelle’s full profile.

The AASC election runs through February 29. Vote today!

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