PubPub and JoDS: Meet Antidisciplinary Design and Science

by Nancy DuVergne Smith on March 25, 2016 · 0 comments

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The new online journal launched by the MIT Media Lab and the MIT Press has no ink, so we could say its pixels are barely set. The Journal of Design and Science, or JoDS, online only since January, awaits your input.

Read Professor Neri Oxman’s JoDS article “Age of Entanglement” to learn about her Krebs Cycle of Creativity.

Read an article by Professor Neri Oxman PhD ’10, “Age of Entanglement,” learn about her Krebs Cycle of Creativity.

In part, JoDS is about the topic – a broad swath of ideas and insights involving design and science and inviting everyone to the party.

Wired calls it a “radical new kind of publication” citing Media Lab Director Joi Ito’s 30th anniversary pledge that “connecting science and design is the future of the Media Lab.” In his “Design and Science” article in the inaugural issue, Ito calls this effort antidisciplinary work.

“Interdisciplinary work is when people from different disciplines work together. But antidisciplinary is something very different; it’s about working in spaces that simply do not fit into any existing academic discipline.”

JoDS is also about new ways to create interactive, collaborative publishing. The platform is part of that process. Created by Media Lab students, JoDS is published on an open-access, open-review, rapid publication platform called PubPub. Designed as a collaborative publication environment, PubPub has extensive commenting capability, powerful authoring tools, and can support multimedia, image integration, and large data sets. And you can use it for your own publications. For free. Right now.

Pubpub has been developed by Travis Rich SM ’13, as part of his doctoral thesis, along with graduate student Thariq Shihipar, who are both part of the Viral Communications group led by Andrew Lippman ’71, SM ‘77. The software offers the opportunity for journals to be curators of ideas rather than gatekeepers.

Explore JoDS and take part in a new publishing world.

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