MIT Corporation Vote: Young Alumni Elect a Peer

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Kelly Mathesius ’17 can solve four Rubik’s Cubes in under two minutes and if you are a recent MIT graduate, you can elect one of your peers to serve on the MIT Corporation in the same amount of time.

Voting is now open for the election of a recent graduate (from years ’14, ’15, ’16) to serve on the MIT Corporation, the Institute’s board of trustees. The MIT Corporation works to make sure the Institute adheres to the values and purpose of its origin along with ensuring that the integrity and financial resources are preserved for future generations at the Institute.

Voting for a recent graduate to serve on the MIT Corporation makes it possible for recent alumni to have a voice in representing the interests of MIT.

The eight candidates come from diverse backgrounds and interests and represent seven different degree programs. To learn more about them, scroll down and read about each candidate.

Remember, polls close at 11:59pm on May 1, 2016. Vote today! 

Taylor Rose ‘16

taylor roseCurrent status: Senior at MIT

Taylor Rose is a student advocate passionate about making MIT a healthier and happier home for every student.

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Vrajesh Y. Modi ’11, SM ’15, MBA ’15


Current status: Consultant, The Boston Consulting Group

“I’m committed to improving undergraduate and graduate education and student life. It’s been a privilege to serve you before, and I’m asking you now to trust me with another opportunity to give back.”

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Atif M. Javed ’15

javedCurrent status: IoT Product Manager at Oracle

“Let’s level-up MIT’s hacker culture with new educational tools and make MIT’s campus culture whole by amplifying the voices of students, faculty, and alumni! #FeelTheLearn #MakeMITGreatAgain”

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Sherri L. Jackson MBA ’15

jackson Current status: President/Owner, Trophy Point Solutions, LLC

“Diversity, Commitment, Innovation, Service — I lead with passion to positively impact and represent the MIT of today and tomorrow.”

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Derek Allen Ham PhD ’15


Current status: Assistant Professor, Department of Graphic & Industrial Design, North Carolina State University College of Design

Derek Ham is an innovative designer and educator with a passion for improving learning communities.

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Ulric Ferner SM ’10, PhD ’14

fernerCurrent status: The Boston Consulting Group (BCG), Technology and public sector focus

Former GSC President. Student advocate. Computer nerd.

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Catherine D’Ignazio SM ’14

catherineCurrent status: Assistant Professor of Data Visualization, Emerson College; Fellow, Emerson Engagement Lab; Research Affiliate, MIT Center for Civic Media

“I will bring my expertise at the intersection of design, technology and society to help MIT lead the world in diversity, open education, and civic and global engagement.”

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Yadid Ayzenberg SM ’12, PhD ’16


Current status: Chief Technology and Product Officer, Co-founder, The Sync Project

“I’m committed to improving the wellness of the MIT community, maintaining technological superiority and relevance of our research, and fortifying ties between young alumni and their seasoned counterparts.”
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Kelly Mathesius ’17 solving four rubix cubes. Vote today!

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