Podcast: Apple’s Tim Cook at MIT Commencement

by Jay London on June 19, 2017 · 0 comments

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Apple CEO Tim Cook addressed more than 1,800 new MIT graduates on Friday, June 9, and shared a message of humanity deeply connected to his Apple experience.

Speaking at the 2017 MIT Commencement, Cook described his relationship with Steve Jobs, the late co-founder of Apple, and called on the new graduates to focus the exciting power of technology on improving the world.

“Thanks to discoveries made right here, billions of people are leading healthier, more productive, more fulfilling lives,” Cook said. “And if we are ever going to solve some of the hardest problems still facing the world today — everything from cancer, to climate change, to educational inequality — then technology will help us to do it.”

Cook implored the audience to keep humanity at the center of their work and that technology alone cannot solve problems. “It takes all of us. It takes our values, and our commitment to our family, our neighbors, our communities.”

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This podcast was produced in association with the MIT Alumni Leadership Conference, a celebration of MIT’s most dedicated volunteers that takes place September 15 and 16 on MIT’s campus. Visit the ALC website for more info.



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