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Forbes calls its 2018 30 Under 30 lists an “encyclopedia of creative disruption featuring 600 young stars in 20 different industries.” So it should come as no surprise that these lists are heavily populated by recent MIT graduates and other members of the Institute community.

Similar to past years, at least 30 MIT alumni, faculty, and postdocs are listed throughout Forbes’ seventh annual edition of the world’s best young innovators. Check the MITers who made this year’s list below, then see which MIT alumni and friends made this lists in 2017, 2016, and 2015. (All images courtesy of Forbes unless otherwise noted.)

Omar Abudayyeh ’12
Jonathan Gootenberg ’13 (Healthcare)
Doctoral candidates, Broad Institute, Harvard-MIT
“Abudayyeh and Gootenberg pioneered two advances: a new enzyme for editing genes and a new technique for editing RNA.”

Dinesh Bharadia (post-doc)
Assistant Professor, University of California, San Diego (Science)
Bharadia built a radio that “transmitted and received at the same time at the same frequency.”

David Bierman SM ’14, PhD ’17
Founder, Marigold Power, Inc. (Energy)
“At MIT he helped to develop a thermophotovoltaic converter that absorbs sunlight and converts it to a form of light.”

Greg Brockman ’13  (Enterprise Technology)
“The boundary-breaking nonprofit is dedicated to building safe AI and ensuring AI’s benefits are widely and evenly distributed.”

Ritchie Chen SM ’13, PhD ’16
MIT Postdoc (Science)
“Chen’s research found that dysfunctional brain regions could be stimulated by metal nanoparticles powered by magnetic fields.”

Tiffany Chu ’10 (Enterprise Technology)
Cofounder, Remix
“Chu is cofounder of Remix, a public transit platform used by more than 200 agencies worldwide…that evaluates transit data and suggests improvements.”

Lisa Conn MBA ’17
Strategic Partner Manager, Facebook (Law & Policy)
“Conn joined Facebook to lead the civic leadership team in its community partnerships program. Previously at the MIT Media Lab, Conn was program manager of the Electome Project.”

Cody Daniel ’11
Director of Research, 3Scan (Science)
“Instead of fewer than 10 slices, 3Scan’s…robotic microscope can turn a small tissue sample into up to 60,000 slices.”

Maher Damak SM ’15
Karim Khalil SM ’14
Cofounders, Infinite Cooling (Energy)
“Infinite Cooling…recaptures 80 percent of the water vapor that normally escapes from cooling towers attached to big power plants.”

Karen Dubbin ’12
Science Director, Aether (Manufacturing & Industry)
“Dubbin is the science director at Aether, which builds 3D-printers capable of creating living tissue. She’s responsible for creating the “bio-inks” that Aether uses to build tissues.”

Gregory Falco G (Enterprise Technology)
Cofounder, NueroMesh
“NeuroMesh provides endpoint security for smart devices and re-engineers malware to become a vaccine for the Internet of Things.”

Alistair Johnson (Healthcare)
Research Scientist, MIT Laboratory for Computational Physiology
“Johnson created a database of ICU records used by 4,000 researchers from 30 countries to conduct clinical research.”

Brent Keller PhD ’16
Cofounder, Via Separations (Manufacturing)
“Via Separations develops membrane materials for separation processes. Keller (is) part of MIT’s The Engine accelerator program.”

Weihua Li ’15, MEng ’16
Arun Saigal ’13, MEng ’13  (Consumer Technology)
Cofounders, Thunkable
“Saigal and Li decided spin-out MIT’s App Inventor tool, the drag-and-drop service for building your own app.”

Assistant Professor Karthish Manthiram
MIT Assistant Professor, Chemical Engineering (Science)
“Manthiram’s research is focused on providing farmers with fertilizer by manufacturing it out of thin air, literally, by using air, water and solar power.”

Jess Newman MBA ’17 (Energy)
Director, US Agronomy, Anheuser Busch InBev
“Director of U.S. agronomy for Budweiser. Her team of 15 agronomists advise barley, rice, and hop farmers on how to become more efficient.”

Christina Qi ’13
Jonathan Wang ’13, MEng ’15 (Finance)
Partners, Domeyard LP
“(Domeyard) is a small hedge fund that is using high frequency strategies to trade U.S. equity futures and currencies.”

Ritu Raman
MIT Postdoc (Science)
“Raman’s research focuses on understanding the dynamic interactions between biological and synthetic materials and developing bio-hybrid systems to tackle different applications. ”

Yichen Shen PhD ’16
MIT Research Scientist (Energy)
“Has contributed to nanophotonic breakthroughs that could shape the future of energy. Light-AI designs computer chips powered by light rather than electricity.”

Hao Sun (postdoc)
Assistant Professor, University of Pittsburgh (Science)
“Sun’s research uses analytics and machine learning combined with  internet-of-things enabled sensors to track the health of buildings.”

Scott Sundvor ’12 (Consumer Technology)
Cofounder, Nima
“Nima is a portable bluetooth-enabled device that tests foods for allergens before you eat.  The company has raised more than $20 million between venture funding and government grants.

Michael Tomovich SM ’14
Cofounder, Kuvee (Manufacturing)
“Kuvee has engineered a patented, smart wine bottle that prevents oxygen from reaching the wine inside, and has raised $10 million in venture funding to roll it out.”

Sin Wang SM ’15
Cofounder, TetraScience (Science)
“Wang is cofounder and CTO of TetraScience, which is bringing the Internet of Things to daily lab work. The company has raised over $10 million in venture capital.”

Alexandr Wang ’19
Cofounder, Scale (Enterprise Tech)
“Scale is a $4.7 million-funded startup which combines AI with handpicked humans for outsourced tasks such as image recognition and audio transcription.”

Andrew Warren PhD ’16
Founding Scientist, Glympse Bio (Healthcare)
“Based on Andrew Warren’s PhD at MIT, Glympse Bio uses modular nanoparticle sensors to create diagnostics for diseases potentially including cancer. ”

You Wu SM ’14
Cofounder, Pipeguard Robotics (Manufacturing)
“Wu’s company, Pipeguard Robotics, manufactures a shuttlecock-shaped robot that travels through water pipes to detect leaks.”

Jenny Xu ’19
Founder, JCSoft Inc. (Games)
“Xu has released nine mobile games that have been downloaded over 3.5 million times, including Can You Escape Fate.”

Julia Yu ’10
Investment Analyst, Millennium Management (Finance)
“Emerging markets trader with big role on a large macro team at billionaire Israel Englander’s $34 billion hedge fund.”

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Bruce Mendelsohn November 20, 2017 at 8:55 pm

I remember when Scott Sundvor conceived the Nima idea. As a student in the Gordon-MIT Engineering Leadership Program, Scott developed the skills to move Nima from idea to prototype to product. His vision and “force” is an inspiration to not just MIT students, but to all of us.


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