Video: MIT Rocket Team’s Biggest Rocket Yet

by Nicole Morell on November 28, 2017 · 1 comment

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For some people, a space shot may be a metaphor for a big goal. For the MIT Rocket Team, a space shot is the goal–the team is building their biggest rocket yet, with lofty plans. Watch how the team plans to make their space shot, using only materials made at MIT by MIT students. On Giving Tuesday, help support student groups like the MIT Rocket Team by giving back to the Institute:

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George Lechter November 28, 2017 at 9:02 am

I am impressed with the energy and dedication of the students. However I am not happy with the objective of the MIT rocket program. Going higher and higher has already been done by many. From the MIT team I expect an special experiment that needs a light fast rocket such as the one the MIT students are able to put together. Then the effort would yield its fruits as the experiment’s results.

I am not a rocket man, here are a few wild ideas I will muster in 60 seconds:

-shoot the rocket on a day where temperature and pressure gradients are severe, plotting the results as the height is achieved, perhaps towards helping climatology. Coordinate with Professor Kerry Emmanuel.

-let the rocket achieve its terminal velocity, then deploy the home made parachutes, and further get creative with parachute design in the hopes of optimizing reliability and effectiveness. Coordinate with course II and III for mechanisms and materials in order to try innovative angles. Professor Flowers comes to mind.

What the project needs now is a couple of advisers with 40 years of experience and perspective, in order to channel all that energy into more productive endeavors than just reaching higher altitudes. I suggest the rocket team meets with faculty members that can bring managerial perspectives, a little course XV contact would raise more funds for research.

You could also reach out to Raytheon on Route 128 and see what the pros have been doing, you could even help them with your creativity with a couple of meetings.

And don’t forget to stop by the Humanities Department, now that MIT is excelling on the humanities world wide. Nothing like a rocket trip to inspire.

Keep an eye out for Vulcan ships, like in First Contact.


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