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Alumni Association Office of Communications Voices

Nancy DuVergne Smith, editorial director, has served as a senior writer/editor at universities, newspapers, and a magazine. She teaches writing for the Web. Hobbies include reading the longest novels published in English and watercolor painting. View Nancy’s story archive.

Hoagland_headshotKate Repantis, director of digital and multimedia communications, has a background in communications management, public relations, video production, and journalism. She spends her free time learning Greek, traveling the world, and growing the perfect tomato. View Kate’s story archive.

JJay London, marketing strategist and multimedia writer, is a devout Bostonian with a background in marketing for higher education. He is an aspiring handyman who enjoys spending time with his wife and sons. His favorite book is J. Anthony Lukas’s Common GroundView Jay’s story archive.


Nicole Morell, social media community manager, has a background in online marketing, communications, video, and writing. When not tweeting or posting on Facebook, she can be found running, swimming, or exploring Boston. View Nicole’s story archive. 

JBslicepicJulie Barr, Email Marketing Strategist/Multimedia Writer, has a background in marketing, communications, public relations, publications, and writing for educational institutions. She is originally from the Granite State and enjoys anything and everything New England but is always looking for a reason to add a stamp to her passport. View Julie’s story archive.

Faculty Voices

Patrick Henry Winston 65, SM 67, PhD 70, Ford Professor of Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science, studies how vision, language, and motor faculties account for intelligence. His personal Web site depicts diverse interests in the future of artificial intelligence, how to speak well, naval research, and fraternities, sororities, and independent living groups (FSILGs).

Special thanks to artist Paul Montie who originally created the slice of toast with MIT letters.

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